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non-profit charity

charity that focuses on seniors

Act of Kindness for Seniors is a Canadian Registered Society

Can I chose what facility my donation is to be spent in?

Yes, absolutely. You can determine exactly how your donation is spent.

Can I buy food or goods and have them shipped to the site?

Unfortunately due to safety regulations, this type of donation may result in your request not being able to be fulfilled. A better option is to indicate your wishes when you provide your donation.

Can I give my cheque to the facility displaying this brochure?

Yes, but please ensure the cheque is made out to “Acts of Kindness for Seniors”. The site will ensureĀ your funds are promptly delivered to Acts of Kindness.

Do I get an income tax receipt?

Yes, as Acts of Kindness for Seniors is Registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, you will receive a tax receipt.

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